So, What's Been Going On?

Since the last update, Anteloup have been a bit quiet again. Seems they've been beavering away on new material, dealing with member issues, re-working some of the old material and prepping for a new album for release in the New Year.

Vocalist Mary has moved on from the band to focus on a career in Music Therapy. While this was a bit of a shock to the lads, they all wish her well and the best for the future.

So, a vocalist down, the band started looking for a replacement. After a few auditions, the idea was canned and the songs re-worked for a 5-piece, male-vocal approach. Luis has taken lead vocal duties, with Gary and Pete picking up second and backing vocal roles. Nothing has been released yet, but the songs are taking shape and sounding pretty darned good!

The band have set out a fairly watertight roadmap for the next 6 months. A new gig diary, starting in September, running through Oxjam 2017 in October (hopefully!), and then the Christmas run-up. There's also studio time booked for October, with the album set to be released in January. These guys will be busy!

In the meantime, keep an eye on the website and Twitter, as new demos will be posted for a sneak-peak into what's to come.

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