Anteloup Busk Off 2018

Busk Off 2018

Anteloup were really proud to take part in the Nottingham Busk Off Festival 2018 this year. Although Dave and Pat were not available for the event, they were there in spirit (actually, Pat was also there in person..) and the whole band re-worked some of their more popular numbers to work as acoustic-based, providing a set that could be played with the minimum of instrumentation, but still deliver the inimitable Anteloup sound.

Gary provided a rock-steady keys rhythm that kept everything in time, while Pete pulled off some pretty impressive guitar majesty on a borrowed acoustic. 

"All I really had to do was turn up and sing!" Laughed Luis. "We were a little apprehensive at first, as we're definitely a 5-piece and really missed having Pat and Dave with us, but after the first song we got into the flow and just went for it. It was a great day, and a fantastic experience."

Anteloup will be playing The Maze, Nottingham on 26th June 2018, but check out the pictures from the Busk Off on the Photos page.

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